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RE: Inconsistency between IETF and W3C: XML fragments and media types

> > My recollection is that type="..." is advisory: it helps user agents
> > optimize for the case that they don't know the relevant media type,
> > so they can skip fetching the thing. So it would be odd for it
> > to be mandatory. But sure enough! it is:
> > I wonder why it's mandatory.
> Because typically, CSS processors cannot deal with XSL stylesheets and
> XSL processors cannot deal with CSS stylesheets, and avioding
> downloading the thing if it is not a type you can process is highly
> desirable.

This reasoning doesn't apply when the stylesheet is embedded, which
is the case we're complaining about. It's fine to supply a type
for an external stylesheet, it isn't fine to supply (or require
supplying) a type for embedded stylesheets that are referenced
via a fragment identifier.