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Re: External parsed entities (Re: Inconsistency between IETF and W3C...)

Chris Lilley wrote:
> Yes. My concern is that the question "is this thing, returned as
> application/xml, actually xml or not" should *not* have multiple
> answers.

In general, MIME types can never provide all information about the 
content.  You have to read the MIME body.  The MIME type only tells 
you which program can read the MIME body.

In the case of external parsed entities, your point is that application/xml 
or text/xml do not provide enough information, since XML processors cannot 
handle external parsed entities directly.  You would lilke the MIME header to 
say "I do not parse as an XML document, but don't throw me away.  I parse as 
an external parsed entity."

If some programs that can handle external parsed entities directly (i.e., 
without using XML processors for XML documents that reference to them), 
your point perfectly makes sense.  Are there such programs?  
Do people in this ML have such programs?


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