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Fwd: request for application/smil

This message was originally sent to ietf-types@xxxxxxxx and www-smil@xxxxxxx  
Since the proposed media type for SMIL is an XML-based media type, I am 
forwarding this message to this list.

For SMIL-unaware recipients to use XML-generic application programs for 
SMIL data, application/smil-xml would be better than application/xmil, as 
I see it.  More about this issue, see Section 6 of a recently-published I-D for 
XML media types, which is available at:


Philipp Hoschka wrote:
> Please review 
> http://search.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-hoschka-smil-media-type-04.txt
> Note that this had already been reviewed at the end of 1998, but 
> it has not been submitted to the IESG afterwards for consideration
> as informational RFC. Since there have been minor changes, I guess
> it's better to go through another 2 week review on ietf-types.
> -Philipp Hoschka, W3C

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