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Announcement of draft-murata-xml-02.txt

Simon St. Laurent and I co-authored a new I-D for XML media types.  It 
is available at:


An HTML version is available at:


Changes from the previous I-D are as below:

   draft-murata-02: Replaced "(e.g., ESMTP, 8BITMIME, or NNTP)" with
   "(e.g., 8BITMIME ESMTP or NNTP)"; transcoding without revising
   encoding declarations is mentioned; the choice of "US-ascii" as the
   default is explained.  text/xml-external-parsed-entity and
   application/xml-external-parsed-entity are added.  Examples of these
   two media types are added (7.10 and 7.11).  References are updated.


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