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Re: Fwd: request for application/smil


> However, the use of "application/smil" predates the proposal of 
> appending "-xml" to XML-based MIME types by more than a year - I think
> the first Internet draft dates from April '98. The proposal has
> already been succesfully reviewed in the past on ietf-types,
> but somebody dropped the ball bringing it to the IESG. Given
> this history, and that there is an installed base, it seems reasonable 
> to stick with the current practice of using "application/smil".

The use of "application/xml" implies that those who are not aware 
of this specialized media type cannot do anything even if they can 
handle XML.  If SMIL people live with this disadvantage, I would not 
oppose to this charset name.

However, in order not to make an antecedent, I would like the I-D to mention 
this name convention and reasons not to follow it.


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