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RE: reason for application/iotp-xml (was RE: Registration of MIME med ia type APPLICATION/IOTP)

At 12:24 PM 3/12/00 -0500, Scott Lawrence wrote:
> >why?  is there really much value in a default treatment
> of text/* xml
> >documents as plain text?  (the default doesn't seem to
> work well in
> >practice for text/html) or is xml really likely to be used for
> >image/*, audio/*, video/*, or model/* content?

I think that this actually argues in favor of 'xml/' as a top level.

I disagree.

I could be wrong, but my take is that the top-level MIME type relates to the media presentation/handling capabilities of the receiving system, and the sub-type relates to the content encoding/decoding details of a particular message. I think XML falls into the second category for most purposes.


Graham Klyne