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RE: reason for application/iotp-xml (was RE: Registration of MIME med ia type APPLICATION/IOTP)

Just to answer an old one:

On 3/11/00 at 12:34 PM -0800, Dan Kohn wrote:

I appreciate Pete's concern here, and agree that in an ideal world, this could be handled under Content-Disposition or some new sort of Content-Structure header. But my (perhaps mistaken) belief is that most dispatching tools out there work off of MIME type, and do not necessarily have access to arbitrary Content- headers.

This is true for legacy dispatching tools which don't look at other MIME headers, but in those cases, they have an easy solution:

1. Map application/iotp to an IOTP application.
2. Map application/iotp to an XML application.

If you are going to *modify* a dispatching tool to parse subtypes, I don't see why you can't modify it to grab a different Content-* field or a parameter on the Content-Type line.

The point is that "-xml" has demonstratable benefit to a significant subset
of the community, while Pete and Keith have complained about the lack of
elegance of the solution.

It's not just elegance; I believe both Keith and I are worried about mucking up the works down the road.

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