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Re: Some text that may be useful for the update of RFC 2376

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, MURATA Makoto wrote:

> Are you saying that each format should invent their own rules for 
> indicating the charset?  My understanding was (and still is) that 
> you as an I18n guy at W3C are promoting a single generalized solution 
> for all textual formats.

Please let us stick with the rationale for having text/xml and
application/xml in the first place: the former would be useful
in all the cases where transcoding/newline-fiddling/defaulting-to-
text-viewer was useful and the latter was useful when we want to
prevent trancoding/newline-fiddling/defaulting-to-text-viewer.

It should always be an error of some kind if the charset parameter
does not agree with the encoding attribute (or other Appendix F
mechanism).  Only given that constraint is it useful to make the
charset parameter significant.

Rick Jelliffe