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MIME types and content negotiation

I'm not sure if this helps or hinders the argument over the -xml suffix,
but I found something interesting at the W3C yesterday, and I'm still
pondering it.


It describes a simple extension to the Jigsaw server that bases the
behavior of the server on the MIME content-types that the client says it
will accept.  It's only a W3C Note describing staff activity, not a working
draft on the main track.

I'm wondering how this kind of content negotiation might or might not
integrate with the use of the -xml suffix, and how it might or might not
work if that suffix isn't used.  

To me, it seems like there should be a way for a client to say "You can
send me your XML, and I'll give it my best shot", rather than "these are
the only twenty types I know of".

Anyway, it's an interesting issue, and I'd love to hear what people on this
list think.

Simon St.Laurent
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