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Cross classification (WAS: Finishing the XML-tagging discussion)

Simon St.Laurent wrote,
> 2) People have grown accustomed to the basic top-level 
> types carrying meaningful information.  The Content-Feature 
> approach would mean that Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 
> would be application/xml; Content-Feature=svg  -- not not 
> image/svg-xml.  The contents of those two descriptions are 
> significantly different, though they purport to describe
> the same thing.

To my mind this is the core of the problem. What we've got is 
*two* hierarchical classifications of resource types: the MIME 
type/subtype one; and the xml/xml-application one.

Unfortunately these two hierarchies are othogonal, as the svg 
example illustrates quite neatly. This means we won't be able 
to encode one in the other without either information loss or 
special processing of some sort.



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