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Re: Finishing the XML-tagging discussion

At 09:07 AM 3/19/00 -0500, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
The other problem I have with Content-Feature is that it isn't clear to me
- based on my RFC dredgings, which may not be complete - whether or not
there is any kind of registration process or even official status for

FYI: RFC 2506; also RFC 2533.

(Content-feature is currently an I-D proposal that employs this framework to label MIME content.)

And to try and dispel some misunderstandings: I have suggested use of the CONNEG framework for _content negotiation_. To me, the use of "-xml" as an aid to detecting generic XML seems a reasonable and useful idea; I just think that using a naming convention as a basis for content negotiation would be pushing it too far.


Graham Klyne