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Re: Finishing the XML-tagging discussion

> One alternative - not necessarily one I am advocating, but just listing for
> completeness - is to use a similar approach but swapped round:
> image/svg;ContentLanguage=xml

I favor something like this.  it seems like it will interact more
cleanly with content negotiation mechanisms (as opposed to those
mechanisms having to acquire new pattern-matching facilities)

it's true that as MIME is architected the parameter space is on a 
per-content-type basis.  but I don't see any great harm if we define
some global parameter name space (say, parameter names that begin
with "$" are global).  Then we could do something like:

content-type: image/svg; $superclass="application/xml"

it's true that a lot of existing content-type dispatchers wouldn't
know how to deal with the parameter, but that doesn't seem like
such a big deal because it's easily added to the few MIME handlers
that know about XML.  similarly there are content-type labellers
that don't know about the concept of parameters but this provides
an opportunity for them to get fixed.  and since this is only a 
hint and the complete type is still specified in the foo/bar
portion of the content-type, the system can still "work" even 
in the absence of the $superclass label.