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Re: Finishing the XML-tagging discussion

> Whereas I believe your proposal leapfrogs shortsighted into the realm
> of lunacy.

hey, I'm quite willing to entertain criticism and feedback, but
a label like "lunacy" seems completely unjustified.  nor does
it tell me much about the problems you see with it.  (and I
am trying to understand these)  the most I've been able to glean 
thus far is that people will misuse parameters in various ways.  
even granted that this will happen, I still don't see that it's 
"lunacy" to consider that path.

and I'm also willing to consider alternative ways of doing this, 
including the -xml frob.   but I think it's worth looking at
the implications of these alternatives with respect to content 
negotiation.  and I completely don't buy the arguments that people 
aren't going to want to recognize these frobs in content negotiation 
mechanisms, or that these considerations don't matter because they're 
not part of the current proposal.