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Re: Finishing the XML-tagging discussion

> > accept-features: (syntax=xml)

> yes, but you can't do that without either

> a) adding yet another frob to the object for this purpose
>    (which is separate from the content-type frob), or

Yep, which is why I've repeatedly proposed adding a feature tag for this
purpose in addition to the -xml suffix. 

Also note that adding a general content-type parameter doesn't work with conneg
either, since conneg only deals with media types, not their parameters. (This
is another one of those cases you don't seem to be worried about.) So this frob
is needed for conneg to work even with your proposal.

> b) teaching the conneg recognizer about the xml frob

Can't teach it about either the -xml suffix or the content-type parameter
very easily if at all. Conneg just doesn't work this way.