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Re: Some text that may be useful for the update of RFC 2376

In message "Re: Some text that may be useful for the update of RFC 2376",
Simon St.Laurent wrote...
 >>HTTP already has the accept-charset field.  I do not understand your claim.
 >I think Rick may just be saying that the couplings between XML parsers and
 >HTTP handlers are pretty loose right now, and it's up to programmers to
 >tighten those connections.  While it's easy to switch out, say Xerces, in
 >favor of Aelfred, the HTTP end of the connection isn't going to change it's
 >accept-charset settings automatically.  It probably won't even notice the

I think that the accept-charset field should be hardcoded in XML processors.  
If an XML processor supports only a few charsets, it is probably a good idea 
to hardcode the accept-charset field for these charsets.

On the other hand, programmers who use existing XML processors should be 
liberated from encoding issues.

MURATA Makoto  muraw3c@xxxxxxxxxxxxx