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Re: Some text that may be useful for the update of RFC 2376

MURATA Makoto wrote:
> In message "Re: Some text that may be useful for the update of RFC 2376",
> Chris Lilley wrote...
>  >Thus, for any XML file which is not encoded in US-ASCII, text/xml is an
>  >inappropriate choice of MIME type. Silent data corruption can and will
>  >occur.
> If I use UTF-8 or UTF-16 and provide the charset parameter, no data
> corruption will occur.

Provided that the fallback to text/plain does not occur, which cannot be

>  >For all international xml files (noting that in this context, the USA is
>  >international too due to the widespread use of Spanish, and the wide numbe
>  >rof other languages in use), a type such as application/xml is the correct
>  >choice, unless ther eis a more specific non-text type available.
> If an XML document is readable for casual users, satisfies
> restrictions of the top-level media type "text", and does not require
> special dispatching, "text/xml" is the most appropriate media type.

Thats a lot of ifs.