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Re: UTF-16, the BOM, and media types

At 00/04/07 00:16 +0900, MURATA Makoto wrote:
In message "Re: UTF-16, the BOM, and media types",
Martin J. Duerst wrote...
 >So if something comes in with a label of UTF-16BE, then an XML
 >processor can either say 'sorry, don't know UTF-16BE', or it
 >can know it and interpret it accordingly. Every XML processor
 >has to understand UTF-16, but supporting UTF-16LE is not
 >required. If you don't like UTF-16LE for XML, just don't
 >support it.

I was assuming that people trying to mandate the support
of UTF-16LE/BE.  It appears that my assumption is wrong.

Martin, would you be happy if some processors do not support
UTF-16LE/BE XML entities (to be precise, document entities,
external parameter entities, external parsed entities, and
external DTD subsets) containing the correct encoding

Well, it's not a question of me being happy or not, but that would be absolutely fine. Assume an entity/whatever came in over http with a charset parameter of UTF-16LE. It would be absolutely impossible to retroactively ask XML implementations to understand that.

Regards, Martin.