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It’s a fact that one out of every three Canadians will experience a life altering illness during his or her lifetime.

With today’s advances in medical science the chances of survival are greater than ever!


Should you be diagnosed with...and survive...any of the following 17 conditions covered under this plan the insurer will provide you with a lump sum payment of tax free cash.


            *Heart Attack                         *Cancer

            *Stroke                                    *Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

            *Multiple Sclerosis               *Alzheimer’s Disease

            *Parkinson’s Disease          *Major Organ Transplant

            *Paralysis                                *Kidney Failure

            *Coma                                      *Blindness    

            *Severe Burns                       *Loss of Speech

            *Occupational HIV               *Loss of Limbs



Picture receiving $100,000 or $250,000 or more to help towards recovery, maintaining your lifestyle or saving your business.


Fax (604) 647-0631 or return this e-mail today for more information on this new, innovative and affordable living benefit product.


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