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Re: Informal last call: Announcement of draft-murata-xml-06.txt

muraw3c@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> If we do not receive any comments, we will ask the IESG to consider
> publication of this Internet-Draft as a Proposed Standard.

I propose the following drop-in replacement for paragraph 2 of section 3:

   Within the XML specification, XML MIME entities can be classified
   into four types. In the XML terminology, they are called "document
   entities", "external DTD subsets", "external parsed entities", and
   "external parameter entities". The media types text/xml and
   application/xml MAY be used for "document entities", while
   text/xml-external-parsed-entity or
   application/xml-external-parsed-entity SHOULD be used for "external
   parsed entities". The media type application/xml-dtd SHOULD be used for
   "external DTD subsets" or "external parameter entities". For
   backward compatibility, application/xml and text/xml MAY, but SHOULD NOT,
   also be used for "external parsed entities", "external DTD subsets", and
   "external parameter entities".


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