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RE: Fwd: Last Call: XML Media Types to Proposed Standard

Ned wrote:
> Sounds fine to me. Please submit an updated version of the draft.

I slightly changed Larry's wording, since some external parsed 
entities are well-formed XML documents and are also used as 
XML documents.
    application/xml and text/xml MUST NOT be used for "external DTD
    subsets" and "external parameter entities", and MUST NOT be used for
    "external parsed entities" unless they are also well-formed "document
    entities" and used as such.  Note that RFC2376 (obsoleted) allowed
    this usage, although in practice it is likely to be rare.

> Unfortunately, given that this is a change to requirements language I think
> we'll have to restart the last call, so the sooner the better on this.

I am surprised to hear that this slight change requires four week
review again.  But I will follow your instruction.

IBM Tokyo Research Lab &
International University of Japan, Research Institute