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Lloyd Rutledge wrote:
> The reason that the SMIL 2.0 spec does not require that
> browsers process XPointer is that browsers don't and can't process
> XPointer -- servers do.  Please correct me if my understanding of the
> general architecture is too primitive,

OK. Your understanding is not correct. Servers do not process the fragment
identifiers, because therse are not sent to the server (queries, following
a ? character, *are* sent to the server and perhaps that is what you are
thinking of?)

> but servers process XPointer,
> not clients -- right?. 


> Clients send URI's to the given server,

yes. The fragment is not part of the URI and is not sent

>  the
> server processes it and returns the located data to the client.

Yes, and then the client locates the relevant part of this resource using
the fragment identifier.