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At 01:33 AM 9/30/00 +0200, Chris Lilley wrote:
>> Used in a query string, XPointers could be processed by the server,
>they could be, but then they wouldn't be fragment identifiers. besides,
>that s what the XML Query WG is cooking up, right?

I'm not sure why you feel they wouldn't be fragment identifiers.

I strongly hope that the XML Query WG doesn't feel compelled to reinvent
this particular wheel or worse, create a syntax that bars the reuse of
XPointers for this work.  I'd hate to have to learn two different sets of
rules for identifying parts of documents...

>> >Yes, and then the client locates the relevant part of this resource using
>> >the fragment identifier.
>> In some cases, that's great, but in others it's a giant waste of network
>> resources.
>Which is why we have both ? and #

Yep.  And let's try to let the two options work together, rather than as
totally different universes.

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