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Re: MIME-XML technology?

They're referring to multipart-MIME - that's what ebXML is using to
assemble different documents (of any format) into one message.

The ebXML TRP spec is online, btw - check out the ebXML website
(locatable via google search).

This discussion is probably more appropriate for the xml-dist-app

"Simon St.Laurent" a écrit :
> Does anyone know what the "MIME-XML technology to wrap and send the
> message" this article discusses might be?
> http://www.sdtimes.com/news/015/story1.htm
> It sounds at the end like there's some Sun messaging spec (JAXN) involved,
> but I'm pretty irritated to find 'MIME-XML technology' set up in some kind
> of weird contrast to SOAP.
> I don't love SOAP, and I doubt the journalist was given great information
> about this 'MIME-XML' critter, but I'm really scratching my head.
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