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XHTML vs HTML media types

Hi Dan,

> Also, I would like to see some detailed discussion of when to use
> application/xhtml+xml and when to use text/html.  This seems like an upward
> compatibility challenge of exceeding subtlety, and may deserve more
> attention than it received in your IRC conversation.

Yes, that IRC conversation was not the first or only conversation we've
had on the matter.

In a nutshell, you'd use the HTML type when you wanted your XHTML to be
processed by a legacy processor.  If you wanted your XHTML processed as
XML (well-formedness expected, etc..), you'd send it with the XHTML

There's some cross-over concerns here, such as the use of "name" vs.
"id" attributes ("name" isn't special in XHTML, but has id semantics in
HTML).  But those are being addressed.

Did you have any specific concerns you'd like to raise now?