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Re: your comments on 4.6.1 Namespaces and Attributes

Yes, I unfortunately forgot this was in the non-normative section. I have a link to the section for those who care:

One perception is that a non-prefixed attribute is not in the default namespace, but is instead associated with the element and thus is indirectly in whichever namespace the owning element is in.

-David Waite

John Cowan wrote:

Julian Reschke scripsit:

Its not so much the 'definition' of the attribute, but more on the
'context' of the attribute. Non-prefixed attributes are dependant on and
live within the context of the element, while prefixed attributes are

Says who?

Evidence please.

While it's true that XML Namespaces is silent on the use of namespace-qualified attributes, it does (non-normatively) call them "global", and in fact they have mostly been used for attribute-based architectures like XLink, where you want to be able to place an attribute on many different kinds of elements with a more or less fixed meaning.