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IMC MailConnect online
Previous event: SASL interoperability
October 25, 2001

Online MailConnects are one-day, no-fee online event for IMC members. The previous event was held October 25, 2001. The focus of the event was to test interoperability of SASL mechanisms in SMTP, POP, and IMAP.

IMC hosts the event through a very capable web-based discussion system that can handle multiple threads, online chat for small groups, and so on. We may also have one or two conference calls during the day if people feel that would help. Each IMC member company can have as many staff as they want participate in the testing at the same price (that is, free). Like the earlier MailConnect events, significant non-commercial IMAP freeware folks are invited to participate as well.

Companies that participated in previous online MailConnect events include:

Discussion List

The imc-mailconnect mailing list is now closed. The list is the same list that was used for earlier MailConnects, so the complete archive of the list also has a great deal of discussion on those events.