No joy in Mudville...

Brad Knowles (
Wed, 24 Apr 1996 04:23:12 -0500


    At the "Resolving Secure Internet Email Complexity" workshop, one
of the most important outcomes was a time table for when the various
proponents of the contenders were to get together, identify their
differences, justify the ones they could, and then re-work their
standards to remove the differences that were unjustifiable.

    What ever happend to that?  Why didn't we get some deliverables to
this list?

    Paul?  Dave?  Can either of you recall who was supposed to
coordinate that job to make sure that it didn't fall through the
cracks, or was our mistake that we didn't have anyone on the block to
do that coordination?  You did such a wonderful job at the workshop of
managing to shepard us felines in a reasonably constructive manner,
and even managed to (mostly) keep us from getting hostile.  It seems
such a shame that not much else has happened since.

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