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ANN: amplee 0.3.6 - Atom Publishing Protocol implementation

Hi all,

I'm glad to announce the release of amplee in version 0.3.6

This release is a bug fixes but with a few new features as well:

* Fixed the AtomMember class
* Refactored most of the member internal code
* Fixed a few issues with both the CherryPy and pure WSGI handlers
* Added new examples but separated them from the main distribution.
* Fixed the XHTML member class
* Fixed the storage API issue when listing resources
* Fixed a bug when checking for the existing of a resource
* Moved to support bridge 0.2.1
* Started to add unit tests
* Removed the genser dependency

The API should not have changed a lot apart from specific cases. I hope
this won't break too much code.

I would like to thank David Turner for his great feedback.

== Download ==

 * easy_install -U amplee
 * Tarballs http://www.defuze.org/oss/amplee/
 * svn co https://svn.defuze.org/oss/amplee/

== Documentation ==


== Examples ==

You can get some source code examples at

== TODO ==

 * Add more tests
 * Improve documentation

Have fun,
-- Sylvain Hellegouarch