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Discovery of APP service documents

[1] http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-atompub-protocol-17.txt

Section 8 of [1] states

"How Service Documents are discovered is not defined in this specification."

Is anyone working to define one or more ways of discovering service documents?

Note, I have proposed a taxonomy for use in UDDI that would allow a categoryBag to include a MIME type [2]. This would enable registration in UDDI of anything with a MIME type, such as, APP service documents.

[2] http://del.icio.us/mitrepauld/mime+uddi

Since APP service documents use "application/atomsvc+xml", using this as a keyValue in a tModel is one way to register APP service documents in UDDI. Obviously, then you could use UDDI find_tModel to discovery those tModels. The overviewURL would point to the service document.

For example,

<tModel tModelKey="uddi:a762aed0-571e-11dc-89c4-391cf3b1899c" xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api_v3">
  <name>Atom Publishing Protocol Service Document</name>
<overviewURL useType="tbd">http://example.org/my-app-service-doc</overviewURL>
            keyName="Atom Publishing Protocol Service Document"

1. Use of the tModelKey "uddi:iana.org:taxonomy:media-types" is suggested, but has not been coordinated with IANA. 2. useType in the example above is "tbd". UDDI v3.0.2, section B.2, discusses the useType attribute within the overviewURL element. useType="text" could suffice, or some other value can be used. For example, section B.8 of the UDDI spec RECOMMENDS using another tModelKey to effectively register the new useType in UDDI. IANA does not provide a UDDI registry where such "well-known" keys can be documented. OASIS has a process for registration of well-known tModels on the web [3].

[3] http://uddi.xml.org/tmodels

A similar technique for discovery of RSS feeds using UDDI was suggested [4], but not used much in practice as far as I can tell.

[4] http://winfx.members.winisp.net/karstenj/docs/rss_in_uddi.aspx