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PUT response

[Oops, sent off-list; sorry for the duplicate Nikunj]

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 8:28 PM, Nikunj Mehta wrote:
 >  If the response to a PUT request on an entry's edit URL contains an entry
 > document in a 200 response, then
 >  1. Can the response entity be considered a complete representation?


 >  2. What if the response contains Content-Location header?

 Then the entity is a representation of the resource identified by the

Content-Location header.

 >  The HTTP spec states that
 >    Responses to this [PUT] method are not cacheable.

 ...except if you include a proper Cache-Control header.

 >  As per that, an HTTP cache is unlikely to hold on to the response entity
 > and use it upon a subsequent GET to the same entry's edit URL, correct?

 I haven't gone back checking the HTTP spec, but I'd say that if the
 response to PUT has a Content-Location header (i.e. identifies an
 "addressable" resource) and is cacheable (i.e. contains a
 Cache-Control header with an appropriate value) then an HTTP cache
 might use that entity as responses to subsequent GET requests to the
 Content-Location URI.
 Now, the question is: is there any HTTP cache out there that would do it?

 Thomas Broyer

Thomas Broyer