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Re: Resources for AtomPub parser validation

 Unless the url was something like: compare?original=1&copy=2
 In which case many browsers would treat the "&copy" as a copyright symbol,
and your url would be completely bolloxed.
Wouldn't the second var have to be ";copy"?

"copy;" you mean, right?

Have I been living a lie all these years by putting a semi-colon after
my entities like a sucker?

no. but browser try to be smart. so if the text following a "&" is not an entity name they know, they assume you just meant "&" and not really an entity. if, however, the name is an entity they know, but there is no ";" following it, they assume you forgot the ";" and add it for you... this is the trouble with browsers trying to be smart: they somehow produce really surprising side-effects...