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Re: Meta-pubs again

Colm Divilly a écrit :

Bill de hOra wrote:

I have that pattern - we have users who have multiple websites, the list of sites is a feed and managing sites is a post to the feed. Turns out that Atom is "sort of" closed under these operations.


James M Snell wrote:

The way we've implemented this in Connections is pretty simple and effective. We essentially have the concept of a collection-of-collections -- an atompub collection whose entries each represent a collection. Within each of the atom:entry elements is an app:collection element. Create a new collection by posting an entry. Edit the collection metadata by putting to the edit uri. Each collection has an entry URI and a collection feed URI.

Bill, James,
with the approaches above how do you specify what workspace(s) the collection should belong to ?


I guess you can use xml:id for each workspace and use it somehow.

- Sylvain