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Re: Feed enclosures

[I've cross-posted this to the aggregators mailing list over at Yahoo Groups]

Quoting Danny Ayers <danny666@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> It since occurred to me that even without these the system is likely to be
> more surge-prone. Many/most aggregators poll for new feed files, usually
> with a delay of an hour or so. If a new item (with attachment) is added to
> the Lydon feed then within the next hour or so it will have been polled by
> most (awake) aggregators. 

As a safeguard, content providers may want to enable bandwidth throttlers 
(e.g. mod_throttle or mod_bandwidth for Apache servers) to limit the available 
(costly) bandwidth for enclosure downloads.  This prevention mechanism would 
stop enclosure download requests overwhelming the site's available bandwidth.

In regard to timeshifting enclosure downloads, there should be a solution 
which provides a considerate balance between the content consumer and the 
content provider.  A relative-to-Midnight solution is most beneficial to the 
content consumer, as it is scheduled during the least-used period of the 
consumer's machine.  However, for the content provider, the consumer's 
midnight may actually be during the middle of the day, at which time the 
provider may expect their peak traffic from normal browsers.

Would a negotiated scheduled protocol between the aggregator and the content 
provider be of use here? (think Theme Park rides - traditional line-up versus 
the 'FastPass' (Disney) scheduled access, with metrics based upon local time, 
bandwidth, site traffic profile etc)


Jason Brome