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Re: Atom Info Proposal

Dare Obasanjo wrote:

--- Joe Gregorio <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I read your post and the relevant links to W3C TAG
documents. As I thought the TAG didn't have any
argument against new URI schemes that doesn't apply to
new MIME types as well.

Being that I'm a believer in Occam's Razor a new URI
scheme makes more sense than a new MIME type since it
takes less effort to get it to work from clients &
servers and doesn't encourage the dubious practice of
placing the location of the feed in the document.

Dare: what does your email client do with the following lines?



This is just a single example. My point, however, is not specific to email clients. Instead my point is that that the whole ecosystem needs to be considered, not merely a specific client or server. I believe that we can benefit from the larger perspective of that TAG.

Tim Bray has indicated that he is going to tee this up for discussion. I've also seen you active on such mailing lists.

- Sam Ruby

P.S. Note a subtlety. Joe didn't propose that a document link to "self" but to "start". This is subtly different. Note that on many weblogs, a given bit of content may surface via a number of visible resources. Many of these may be fairly static, and one may be the "preferred" location for subscription as it will be the place were one can expect new data to surface.