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Re: FYI: Making Atom Happen

On 6 Dec 2003, at 10:48 am, Henri Sivonen wrote:

Either way, allowing text/html as mode="escaped" instead of requiring XHTML as mode="xml" doesn't quite make sense. From the ideological point of view, it is distasteful. From the practical point of view it introduces yet *another* tag soup format to support. For those who are too incompetent to produce well-formed XHTML, the metaWeblog API and RSS, both of which are used for tag soup transport, already exist. What's the point in introducing yet another tag soup format?

I'll skip arguing why I don't like this idea at all, and just ask, how are you going to require it? Atom (as it stands) allows any MIME type to be used in content elements. Unless you explicitly ban this case, what are you going to do?


(PS, on this topic, the "escaped" vs "xml" names are very loaded choices, since escaping is how textual data (inc HTML) is meant to be represented, and is no less XML then "xml" mode. "literal" vs "embedded" would be better)