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Re: Atom Info Proposal

--- Tim Bray <tbray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Dec 6, 2003, at 10:05 AM, Dare Obasanjo wrote:
> Er, why not?  Every time I click on a link to a PDF
> doc I get a PDF 
> reader.  Every time I click on a .mov file I get
> Quicktime.  Seems like 
> a sensible default behavior.

Wow. So this means that in your world view the kinds
of things that Jason and Seairth have been proposing
or are doing now[0,1] don't fit. 

I rest my case. If this isn't a religious debate I
don't know what is. 

> > Thus making it impossible to actually use HTTP
> with
> > ATOM?
> You're being silly.  What protocol do you think the
> aggregator is using?

I meant "a traditional HTTP client" (i.e. a web
browser).  Silly me for writing incomplete sentences.

> > Or are you guys suggesting that we come up with a
> new
> > MIME type that just means subscribe while ATOM has
> a
> > seperate MIME type for HTTP GETs?
> Everyone's acknowledged, I think, that you wouldn't
> be able to use the 
> mime-type option to support subscription *unless* a
> feed carried its 
> own URI around inside, which as several have pointed
> out is maybe not a 
> bad idea anyhow.

You miss the point or maybe you don't and think it's
irrelevant. The problem is that the ATOM MIME type
always means 'subscribe' if clicked in my web browser
and I can't just view XML in a browser or style it
with CSS/XSLT without lying about the MIME type. 

Based on your comments above you don't see this as a
problem. I do and I'm sure there are others who'll
also see the folly of the approach you are proposing. 

> I repeat, who's putting up their hand to volunteer
> to write the RFC and 
> register the URI scheme?  -Tim

You should ask Greg Reinacker, he proposed it. 

[0] http://www.seairth.com/mota/index.xml
[1] http://www.shellen.com/sandbox/atom-info-proposal.html

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