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Re: Additional Entry Metadata

Benjamin Trott wrote:



For Movable Type and TypePad, we have some additional entry metadata that we need a way to map to the API. These are the fields:

* post status

I am assuming this includes the states like "draft", "published", etc. I would like to see this as a core element with a defined (but not fixed) set of values.

* extended post body

Could you give some more information on what this entails?

* allow comments?
* allow trackback pings?

This one I am torn on. They look very useful to me, but I realize that not all server software follows the same model, some don't allow such a fine level of control as turning off comments per post. I fear trying to come up a with consistent nomenclature for all the possible variations.

My suggestion would be to place this in
your own namespace.

* text formatting

How much of the flagging of the text format can be covered by the mime-type and mode attributes of the <content/> element?

* keywords

Well, I was going to reflexively say use dc:subject until I realized that was already suggested as a place for category information. I went back and scanned the Dublin Core documents and my suggestion would be to use

dc:subject for keywords


dc:type for categories.


* trackback ping URLs

SixApart invented trackbacks and as such I think the element could sit in a SixApart namespace.

We're planning on adding these via namespaces, but the question is which namespace they should be added in. Some of these elements are supported by other tools, so it doesn't necessarily make sense to put them in Six Apart-specific namespaces. But some of them really are pretty specific to our tools.