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short intro

Hi all,

I figured that if I'm going to be reading/posting, then I ought to
introduce myself :-) Some of you may know me already, but not all...

I've been active in WebDAV for about six years, helping with the core
DAV spec (RFC 2518) and the DeltaV extensions (RFC 3253). I
implemented the Apache module for WebDAV (mod_dav), and a number of
other WebDAV-y things such as Subversion's use of DAV for one of its
network protocols. Along with Lisa Dusseault (who introduced herself
last week), I think we can probably answer just about any DAV
question that might come up.

I'm also active in a number of projects at the Apache Software
Foundation, such as httpd and apr, in addition to being a Director and
its current Chairman. Other projects in my background are Python, and
Python-related bits, and some other tools such as ViewCVS.

Ever since Atom first popped up, I've been interested in it, and even
attempted to join a small sprint/discussion at Seybold last year to
talk about WebDAV. The bomb threat shut that down, but we simply moved
locations for drinks rather than hacking :-) So while I've been
tracking it generally, my specific current interest is through my work
at Google. I'm the engineering manager for the Blogger group, so I've
gotta pay some attention to what we're signing up for :-)