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Last look at W3C

I'm sorry I hesitated in responding to Tim's good news regarding the
IETF, however I have one last request before continuing on in that
organization. I think it is a fine choice and will continue to
participate and support either organizational choice. I'm not writing
this just to stir the pot or slow down Atom progress, but to voice
some important concerns.

After the community meeting I had some time to mull over the
differences in organizational style and I think everyone is well aware
of how the IETF works (voting my mailing list, everything by mailing
list really), but I still don't think folks have fully considered the
benefits of the W3C in the interest of an educated electorate, here
are some key things to consider about the W3C:

- Specifications, standards and recommendations are backed by a rich
- Provide legal protection for IP and legal counsel to draw on when issues arise
- Royalty free patent policy
- Well-oiled machine for PR and promotion of work done in W3C
- Testing and QA infrastructure
- Don't take on many specs, not many dead specs
- Full time working staff working on outreach, organization and testing
- Other working groups with similar goals to ours that may benefit Atom
- Companies (of any size), individual developers and invited experts
are welcome in working groups
- Combination of methods to produce specs (Face to Face meetings,
mailing lists, etc) all coordinated by W3C

I believe the above are important issues. With the IETF we have no
promotion, no IP protection (perhaps the need to set up a 501c3 or
503c6, if we did want this), and no dedicated full time staff.  Please
consider this option a last time before we take a final step.

On a sad note, I have recently heard from a few companies who would
like to implement Atom but will only support this if it becomes a W3C
standard not an IETF spec.  While I feel this is shortsighted, this is
a reality and something to consider.

Finally, I appreciate the call for consensus last week, but I was on
vacation, Sam Ruby was on vacation and I think these things should
usually have some notice and perhaps even a week or so before voting
is declared over. In the interest of this, can we extend the final
IETF over W3C consensus poll until this Thursday, one week from Tim's
original email?


Jason Shellen