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Approved IETF AtomPub Charter

Last week the IESG approved the charter for a proposed AtomPub working
group.  A formal announcement should happen any day now.  In the mean time,
the charter that the IESG reviewed and approved is included below.

Please reply to me directly if there are any follow-ups.  I'm not subscribed
to this list.

Applications Area Advisor for AtomPub

Atom Publishing Format and Protocol (atompub)

Last Modified: 2004-5-5

Current Status: Proposed Working Group


    Tim Bray <tbray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Paul Hoffman <phoffman@xxxxxxx>


    Sam Ruby <rubys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Applications Area Director(s):

    Ted Hardie <hardie@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Scott Hollenbeck <sah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Applications Area Advisor:

    Scott Hollenbeck <sah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Mailing Lists:

    General Discussion: atom-syntax@xxxxxxx
    To Subscribe: atom-syntax-request@xxxxxxx
    In Body: subscribe
    Archive: http://www.imc.org/atom-syntax/mail-archive/

Description of working group:

Atom defines a feed format for representing and a protocol for
editing Web resources such as Weblogs, online journals, Wikis,
and similar content. The feed format enables syndication; that
is, provision of a channel of information by representing
multiple resources in a single document. The editing protocol
enables agents to interact with resources by nominating a way of
using existing Web standards in a pattern.

Atom consists of:
    * A conceptual model of a resource
    * A concrete syntax for this model
    * A syndication and archiving format (the Atom
        feed format) using this syntax
    * An editing protocol using this syntax

The format must be able to represent:
    * a resource that is a Weblog entry or article (e.g., it has
        an author, date, identifier, and content)
    * a feed or channel of entries, with or without enclosed
    * a complete archive of all entries in a feed
    * existing well-formed XML (especially XHTML) content
    * additional information in an user-extensible manner

The editing protocol must enable:
    * creating, editing, and deleting feed entries
    * multiple authors for a feed
    * multiple subjects or categories in a feed
    * user authentication
    * adding, editing, and deleting users
    * setting and getting user preferences
    * creating, getting and setting related resources such as
        comments, templates, etc.

The working group will use experience gained with RSS (variably
used as a name by itself and as an acronym for "RDF Site Summary",
"Rich Site Summary", or "Really Simple Syndication") as the basis
for a standards-track document specifying the model, syntax, and
feed format. The feed format and HTTP will be used as the basis
of work on a standards-track document specifying the editing
protocol. The goal for the working group is to produce a single
feed format and a single editing protocol; the working group will
only consider additional formats or additional protocols if those
charter changes are approved by the IESG.

The working group will also take steps to ensure interoperability,
    * unambiguously identifying required elements in formats
    * clearly nominating conformance levels for different types of
    * providing clear extensibility mechanisms and constraints upon

The Atom protocol will be designed to provide security services
for updating and accessing dynamic online resources. The working
group will consider current known issues with requirements for
remote access, along with the fact that many such resources are
constrained by providers who provide the resource owners with
little configuration control.

The working group's primary focus will be on delivering an
interoperable format and corresponding protocol; it is expected
that all but the most basic, generic metadata and functions will be
accommodated through extensions, rather than in the core documents.

Extension development is not included in this charter. The working
group will consider the need to either close or to modify the charter
and document extensions once the core document set has been approved
by the IESG.

Goals and Milestones

Jun 04 First Atom feed format Internet Draft
Jun 04 First Atom editing protocol Internet Draft
Mar 05 Request Last Call for Atom feed format
Mar 05 Request Last Call for Atom editing protocol.
Apr 05 Submit Atom feed format to IESG for consideration as a
       Proposed Standard
Apr 05 Submit Atom editing protocol to IESG for consideration as a
       Proposed Standard