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Re: well-formedness error

James Robertson wrote:

Yes, and the simple problem is that on a hosted site it's easy for the headers to not match what the feed has.

So we need to figure out strategies to minimise the occurrence of this. For the most part, the software that is generating the feed should look after it, either programmatically or by adding corrective .htaccess files.

This is one of the (many) reasons that aggregator developers have to be lenient with malformed content.

Aggregator developers don't have to be lenient, it's a choice. My own choice to date has leaned towards being lenient with RSS feeds (although I can't honestly remember the last time I encountered the wrong-mime-type problem), but I would prefer to be strict with Atom feeds. As an aggregator user I would prefer to use a tool with useful features rather than one that sacrificed them for cleaning up bad feeds.