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Re: [LinkLog] flaw in the link rel="related" clarified

|rel="alternate"| - This is the permalink for the complete entry
|rel="about"| - The entry is about this link.
|rel="related"| - This link is related to the link the entry is about
|rel="via"| = This is the source of the link the entry is about

+1. I also think that 'alternate' and 'about' could be interchangeable (meaning that you can use one or another or both), even though that may introduce a little ambiguity. The point is that many linkblogs don't have an archive to provide permalinks.

In that case they should drop |rel="alternate"|, but never use |rel="alternate"| instead of |rel="about"|. It would only cause confusion if you make it interchangeable and it isn't necessary at all.

-- Anne van Kesteren <http://annevankesteren.nl/>