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Greetings fellow IETF Working Group members! We interrupt your regularly scheduled permathreads to introduce the AtomPubIssuesList [1]. This is an attempt to organize the systematic working off of the backlog of Paces which have been accumulating to date.

I've gone back and reviewed each Pace, looking for ones that are relatively minor, uncontroversial, and complete. Low hanging fruit, if you will.

The plan is to iterate this way, until all low hanging fruit is addressed. Once this is complete, the plan is to then pick off and address - in small batches, perhaps even one at a time - each of the proposals which are complete. Those proposals which remain incomplete and inactive for a sustained period of time will simply be removed from the CategoryProposals list.

With this list, I've taken the approach of the simplest thing that can possibly work - a wiki page which is linked to each of the proposals.

If you disagree with any of my assessments, please post a comment on atom-sytax. If an proposal turns out to be more controversial (e.g., PaceLinkRelated?) than I had assessed, its state will simply be reverted to "Revisit". "Proceed" simply means that I recommend that this Pace proceed to closure - either by incorporation or rejection.

I note a lack of a proposal for getting extensibility points right, with MustUnderstand and MustIgnore and so on. Until or unless there is a concrete proposal, such issues will not be tracked.

I'm also keeping track of competing proposals. Until such proposals are reconciled, I'm not treating any of them as low hanging fruit. When we run out of easy issues and complete issues, my thoughts are to schedule such competing proposals for final discussion and resolution together. Unless, of course, they get reconciled first.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled permathreads, already in progress.

- Sam Ruby