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Re: Extensibility in Syndication formats

Dan Brickley wrote:

Extensibility comes at a price, and designing something cleaner and
better than RDF will be an interesting endeavour. Finding a clean and syntactically graceful way of mapping _into_ RDF also comes at a price, as does (of course) simply using full RDF/XML syntax. The pre-IETF Atom community decided some time ago that they didn't find RDF/XML an attractive proposition, which I guess means we're going the route of defining an extensibility model that is somehow better than RSS 1.0's.

If you were to express that paragraph as a set of assertions, you would find something missing. I'm going to extract a few, please forgive my inprecise way of expressing them:

  RSS 1.0 uses RDF.
  RDF addresses some extensibility problems.
  RDF/XML is a serialization syntax for RDF.
  pre-IETF community didn't find the RDF/XML syntax attractive.

What can we conclude from this?

First, for purposes of this discussion, lets not debate the assertion that RDF addresses extensibility issues, and simply treat it as a given. And let's assume, again for purposes of discussion, that the AtomPub working group is interested in pursing a non-RDF/XML serialization syntax.

Even with all these assumptions, can we conclude that "we're going the route of defining an extensibility model that is somehow better than RSS 1.0's."?

I don't think so.

Hint: there are other serialization syntaxes than RDF/XML.

Further reading:

- Sam Ruby