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Closure on Extensibility & RDF

[On behalf of Paul and myself:]

The opinion has been forcefully expressed that Atom should adopt an extensibility framework based partly or wholly, directly or indirectly, on RDF. This idea is not unreasonable on the face of it. Thus, the time has now come to put this into a concrete proposal. Since we've talking about it for months, this shouldn't take long.

Would the advocates of this view please, by Monday January 17th, bring the WG a proposal for its consideration. This could take one of these forms:

- A Pace proposing extensibility-framework changes to the language of the format draft. (Rob/Joe, any chance of getting that -04 draft I know you're working on published Real Soon Now as a basis?)
- A new Internet-Draft that co-exists with the existing Atom drafts that describes an extensibility framework.
- Both.

Note that if you do a Pace and it fails to obtain quick consensus, the ideas may fall by the wayside; on the other hand, if you do an I-D this may find a life of its own and wind its way to RFC-hood even if people in the Atom community remain unconvinced that they need it. Also, work on an I-D would be free of the distraction of Paul and I snarling at everyone to finish it up and ship it right now :)

On the other hand, if the extensibility framework requires only a few simple additions and/or changes to the existing drafts, and there's a chance the WG will be OK with them, then that's probably a much better way to go.

In any case, we've invested enough time arguing in the abstract. Discussions on this subject which are not framed in terms of specific language in specific documents will be ruled out of order by the co-chairs starting Monday January 17th.