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Re: xsd:dateTime vs. RFC 3339

On Feb 5, 2005, at 11:46 AM, Asbjørn Ulsberg wrote:

I know we're writing an IETF document, but I think there's going to be
a lot of off-the-shelf XML software that understands xsd:dateTimes and
I think it would be a lot better if we defined Date Constructs in
terms of W3C XML Schema Part 2 than RFC 3339.

Now I agree as well.

I tend to agree as well; in this case, the fact that this is an XML vocabulary is probably more relevant than the fact that it's an IETF RFC. So can we please have a Pace to call out to XSD? I'm pretty sure that implementors would just use the libraries and The Right Thing Would Happen. -Tim