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Re: Google Sitemaps: Yet another "RSS" or site-metadata format and Atom "competitor"

On 6/4/05, Bob Wyman <bob@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>        I think it would be really wonderful if we were to find that
> non-blog web sites start producing this data. My only regret is that Google
> has confused matters by publishing this new format to muddy the waters...

It was not published "to muddy the waters". That implies a specific
intent which was *definitely* not present.

> can exploit. This could be a good thing for Atom -- if we can convince
> people to use it instead of the Google proprietary format. If we don't

"proprietary" connotes closed. We published the spec and encourage
other search engines to use it. There is no intent to close or control

How about this: you have a web site with 10 *million* URLs on it. What
format are you going to use? Is Atom appropriate at that scale?

[note: I'm not saying one is or isn't... to be honest, I'm not all
that familiar with the sitemaps schema and its features; but I do know
it was designed to scale, whereas I don't think Atom was]