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RE: Does xml:base apply to type="html" content?

This is unfortunate, because HTML itself only allows <base> elements in the header (one per page). So if anyone wants to build a client that displays more than one item at a time using a standard HTML renderer (and most client render HTML using someone else's renderer, not their own), they have to go groveling in HTML to do URL fixup (or use iframes).

In my own case (IE7) case, this isn't that big a deal because we have to grovel in HTML for many other reasons, but I suspect it'd be pain for other clients.

My own reading goes like this: Since xml:base is an XML concept, it should apply only to relative references in XML content (including XHTML). From the XML perspective, the HTML content is just a string, so the xml:base should not apply.


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On Mar 23, 2006, at 10:03 AM, David Powell wrote:

> xml:base applies to type="xhtml" content, but I'm not sure whether it
> is supposed to apply to escaped type="html" content? I reckon that it
> does.

RFC4287, section 2:

    Any element defined by this specification MAY have an xml:base
    attribute [W3C.REC-xmlbase-20010627].  When xml:base is used in an
    Atom Document, it serves the function described in section 5.1.1 of
    [RFC3986], establishing the base URI (or IRI) for resolving any
    relative references found within the effective scope of the xml:base

Seems pretty clear to me.  Yes, the base URI of that HTML is now
whatever xml:base said it was -Tim