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Re: looking for atom media feeds

Hi Pete,

As mentioned, Atom doesn't support multiparty. It does support multiple enclosures, though. Are there any HTML conventions we could perhaps adopt to identify accessible alternatives?

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On Jun 4, 2008, at 21:51, Pete Brunet <brunet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Aristotle, Thanks for an example of an RDF content type.  Actually I am interested in examples of these media types:  multipart/alternative, application/smil+xml (or similar multimedia file type), and cases where link rel="alternate" is used to provide an alternate mode of _expression_, e.g. a transcript for audio content..  And any other cases that are in use to provide accessibility.

I'm also interested in examples of normal inaccessible audio and video atom feeds.

Pete Brunet

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Re: looking for atom media feeds

* Pete Brunet <brunet@xxxxxxxxxx> [2008-06-05 00:25]:
> In the process of evaluating atom accessibility I'd like
> to evaluate some non-text, non-html/xhtml atom media feeds.
> I haven't been able to find any yet. Can someone provide a
> list of atom media feeds? What are the possible media types
> I should be looking at?

DOAP over Atom comes to mind; <http://doapspace.org/newest>
has such a feed.

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