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RE: multipart, atompub, and a11y

draft-gregorio-atompub-multipart-00 doesn't deal with multipart content; it is a way of using multipart/alternative to combine a POST and a PUT of related resources into a single POST.
- Brian

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Subject: multipart, atompub, and a11y

Should I be thinking about the a11y of atompub?  A little red flag is up for me because of the discussion about http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-gregorio-atompub-multipart-00 Earlier, on the list, I asked about if it would make sense to package alternative media using the MIME type multipart/alternative, e.g. both visual and aural representations to assist those who are deaf or blind respectively but got back these responses:

So I wasn't going to think about mutipart any more and focus on file types like SMIL that have the alternative content embedded.  But maybe I still need to think about multipart.  What do you think?

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